Jason wrote in about a fantasy he never, ever talks to anyone about. Good thing you did, Jason - the milk truck is coming just for you today!

I can't show "mommy"'s face in this video because, frankly, daddy wouldn't like it. At all. But mommy has got a lot of milk in her gigantic, enormous, humungous tits and that stuff's gotta go somewhere. My mouth is a great start. My cock is even better though. Mommy soaks my dick with her milk, all freshly squeezed just for me. Well, Jason actually.

Mommy squeezes her boobs until the last drop of white goodness covers my cock, mouth and her clothes. Now it's time for mommy to jerk out MY milk all over her titties. Best handjob I've gotten: I soak her big ones with enough manmilk to make Betsy the cow jealous. Fuck you, Betsy!