Ok, since there we so many requests for pantyhose, we couldn’t dedicate this to just one guy. So, this is for all of you that emailed and wanted to see a pantyhose scene…. you know who you are!

I caught this hot little vixen walking into the drug store. I just had to go and get a better look. Once inside, I found her looking over the panty hose booth. I knew right then that this was the girl to ask if she would be interested in modeling them for us. It took a little coaxing, for she was timid and not real sure about us in at first. But then, after convincing her that she would be in good hands, she agreed to come home with the crew. Once back home, we learned that she was already turned on that we had asked her. And, before we knew it, this hot little stocking wearer was more than happy to show us more than mesh that went around her leggs. She started telling us all about how her husband lets her fuck other guys and how he loves to hear about it. So, once that was known…the cock came out and she was helping me rip a hole in those hose to make room for the moisture missile. We both ripped until there was enough room, and away she went getting fucked hard with her brand new hose on. She was quite the lady that day….helped us all fulfill and fantasy, while realizing her own fantasies. What a nice young lady! :)